Sunday Morning during
the 10:30am Mass for
Children Ages 3-10.

Jeffrey and Mary Goudsward
and Annamarie Coen

Children gather in the center aisle
 of the church after the Opening Prayer.
They will then follow the catechist(s) and into the chapel for the Liturgy of the Word
in a child-friendly language and echo
all of the rituals the parish assembly experiences at the same time. They then
return to the main Church for the Liturgy of the Eucharist during the Offertory.



JUNE 25-29th

Our Shipwrecked Staff are looking for Crew Leaders  ♥ Ages 12+ ♥  Do you know anyone who would need service hours for Confirmation or High School or wants to help us make this the best week of the Summer? Contact Anamaria Hazel at the Parish House.

We Learn from the Bible

View the following YouTube video together: "Kidz Church: The Parable of the Sower"
Talk about the different ways you as a family can be a good soil for God's Word to take root.

Go on a listening walk together where you don't speak, but just listen to all of the sounds around you.  After some time, stop to compare the different sounds you noticed, and talk about how important listening is.  

Reference: 2016 Saint Mary's Press Eucharist Chapter 5 GO SEEK FIND
- Discover God's Treasures 

PREP Board
Mission Statement

As a parish family, we are called to connect with one another as we journey together to become missionary disciples of Christ.  It is only by grace, as we sow seeds of faith, that we prayerfully approach this communion and intimacy with the person of Jesus Christ for His people.

2018 – 2019

Father Bellopede, Pastor – Spiritual Advisor
Anamaria Hazel – Coordinator of Religious Education
Steve and Karen Bakey
Mike and Shawn-Marie Brown
Don and Brandy Cahill
Pat and Christy Dougherty
Hank Fox
Michael and Maureen Frederick
William Hazel
Marty and Angela Klish
Chuck Lowitzer
Juan and Nancy Lugo
Pete and Kim Mares
John and Mary McGee
Alyssa Picard
Andrea Sovari





Ms. Ana is the Coordinator of Religious Education and Principal of PREP at St. Mary's Parish. She was born and raised in New Orleans, LA.

She married the "GOAT", Bill, 18 years ago. She is blessed with two amazing teenagers, Gavin and Bella.

Her favorite past time is sipping cafe au lait in my new Yeti reading a good book.