APRIL 2018-
Our consultants, The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia met with our parish committee on Thursday, April 12 at 7:00pm in Annex Room #2 to share the results of a cross section of parishioners who were interviewed during the month of April concerning the possibility of a major project the parish is contemplating embark on in the near future. The consultants interviewed our cross section of parishioners to see if they thought it would be Feasible and if they would Support this major project. The answer among the vast majority was a resounding YES. Thank you for your confidence and your love of Saint Mary Parish. Phase #1 is now complete.

Phase #2 is to have the Vice Chair of the Pastoral Council and the Chair of the Finance Council sign the document for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Phase #3 is for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to give its YES for the major project to begin. I will always keep you current on this project. I will always make sure you, our parishioners, know what is happening, and what PHASE or STAGE we are in at Saint Mary Parish. Please remember this major project is not just "to get a new roof". It is much more than a new roof. Our church structure has been compromised, limestone has been deteriorating (as it was faulty from its beginning), and the UNIQUE STYLE of the roof and its membrane has to be replaced and a plan for future maintenance insured. Other items for our church interior will be discussed in the near future. This is a SPIRITUAL ENDEAVOR as well as a financial one. As we continue to walk with God, we look toward our future CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION (1926-2026) which is 8 years and 5 months away.

FALL 2017-
We have submitted our letter to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in seeking permission to begin our Capital Campaign Project to address the Roof and Structure of our Parish Church. We will await their response. The project is to address both the exterior of the church as well as the interior of the church. Please remember this project in your daily prayers. This is a spiritual work for God and for you, His people, as we journey toward our 100th Anniversary (1926-2026). I will certainly inform you if we receive permission to move forward with this project. Eventually, I will meet with you at a Town Meeting, along with O & S Engineers and with the Parish Chairmen, to discuss everything we hope to accomplish with your help by God's grace. It is a big task but I truly believe we can do it. May our Blessed Mother, patroness of our parish intercede for us. Saint Mary, pray for us!