Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

CLOW will only be held at the  10:30 AM Mass beginning the first Sunday in October and ending the first Sunday in May.    

Here's how it works. 

Children from 3 yrs of age through 10 yrs of age, will be invited by Father to gather in the center aisle of the church after the Opening Prayer.  They will then follow the catechist(s) and into the chapel to experience the Liturgy of the Word in a child-friendly language and echo all of the rituals the parish assembly experiences at the same time. The children will pray an abbreviated creed, offer up intercessions and then return to the main Church for the Liturgy of the Eucharist during the Offertory.  


Providing for an inclusive Children's Liturgy is only limited by our imagination. Our Parish Children's Liturgy provides an opportunity for children of all abilities to hear the Word of God. Children with developmental, intellectual, sensory, physical or behavoral disabilities are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Catechists: Jeffrey and Mary Goudsward
and Annamarie Coen


Volunteers are very important. The ministry is very rewarding to you as an individual. The self-enrichment that you receive while preparing a Liturgy is a blessing. A well developed catechist team will provide our parish children with a lovely age appropriate opportunity to hear and understand God's Word. If you are interested in volunteering as a catechist or catechist assistant, please contact Anamaria Hazel in the Parish Office Center at 610-287-8156.